Introducing Miyakojima

I would really like to be your tour guide and show you some of my favorite places.

Today I’m going to introduce Miyakojima in Okinawa, Japan.

Recommended inside Miyakojima Top 5!!!!

No,1 Ikema Ohashi

Ikema Bridge is a bridge that connects Miyakojima to Ikemajima and is a classic spot for driving. A 360 degree view of the sea from a 1425 meter long bridge. It is also a recommended reason that you can enjoy diffrent scenery at high tide and at low tide.

Seeing the tide at low tide can be lucky, but be sure to visit it as it is a superb view spot.

No,2 Yukishio Museum

Yukishio=Snow salt

It is called snow salt because it falls like snow.

Snow salt is salt that is self-produced in Miyakojima, Okinawa.

Snow salt made from the beautiful sea where corals grow is made from underground seawater which is rare in the world.

You can visit snow salt factory for free, so it is delicious to eat snow salt ice. In addtion,snow salt is perfect for beauty,and many people take it home with souvenirs well on the sclap.

No,3 Miyakojima City Tropical Botanical Garden

Here you can enjoy Okinawan flowers and trees throughout the year. There is a also a handicraft village in the park, which is recommended for family trips and honeymoons. First let’s get a map with infomation. Look for your favorite flowers etc. because the position of the flower etc. is written, please enjoy. In the attached craft village, horse riding and making accessories, Also, you can expreriense making Okinawa’s guardian deity Shisa, so please visit the craft village.

No,4 Sunayama Beach

There is a dune before going to the beach and the scenery that climbed the dune is superb.

The beauty is that the sand is smooth and the sea sighs with emerald green with high transparency. It is comfortable to walk on the sandy beach with bare feet.

The beach is 70 meters long and the corals in the photo have been created over many years. It is recommended to go in the morning because the time is crowded around noon. 

In addtion, please bring what you need for bathing because there is no stand.

No,5 Higashsi-Heiannazaki

The view from above at the lighthouse at the southeastern tip of Miyakojima is superb. I can’t see the sunrise in the afternoon, but if I have time to the watch the sunrise, it be a happy time. You can climb the wheite lighthouse for the entranse fee of 200 yen. After climbing the spiral staircase of about 100 steps, there is a scenery full of impressive points. でサイトを作成